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Merry Marvel Marching Society Letterhead - (5 Key Signatures)

Merry Marvel Marching Society Letterhead - (5 Key Signatures)


This may be one the greatest Kirby pieces that I will ever offer. That’s because of how unique it is in that it features so many Marvel heroes and it truly is one of a kind. The Merry Marvel Marching Society was created by Stan Lee in 1964 for the Marvel Fandom that was quickly catching on to the comics. For $1 you would join the club and get a membership card, a sticker, a note pad, a button and other items. Later on they included this letterhead featuring most of the Marvel heroes and they had Jack Kirby draw the characters.

So when you mention one of a kind Kirby this is it. How often have we seen him draw all these characters, including Spider-Man who he rarely drew, all on one page. The provenance of the piece is that it came straight from the Kirby’s to the greatest Kirby collector we have ever known, Tony Christopher. This was one of the last items that Tony released from his famous collection and came straight to my collection. Tony went out and got signatures from some of the greats at Marvel including Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Steranko, Neal Adams, and Barry Smith. A truly priceless piece.

Price: $75,000

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