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Amazing Spider-Man #45 p14 (Extraordinary)


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Amazing Spider-Man #45 p14 (Extraordinary)

There may not be a better battle page by John Romita Sr. that has been offered up for sale. I did see a nice page that Heritage sold last year for around $140,000 from issue 69 but that was from the small art format and not like this one that’s a lot bigger in the large art format. Every panel is great on this page and Issue #45 is considered one of the great storylines from Romita’s run on Spider-Man. What’s interesting is that it’s much harder to find a great, early Spider-Man original art page drawn by John Romita Sr. than it is to find a great Ditko Spider-Man page considering that John only did issues 39-53 which were in the large art format — so only 15 issues compared to the 38 issues that Steve Ditko drew. Being penciled and inked by John Romita also makes this page stand out. In the large art format Romita only did both for issues 42-48. A lot of these issues are mostly complete so hardly any pages come up for sale. So for these reasons the page is very exceptional.

Series: Amazing Spider-Man
Issue: 45
Page: 14
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Dimensions: 12x18
Art Type: Panel
Penciler: John Romita Sr.
Inker: John Romita Sr.


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